Having grown up in the Cornish countryside I’ve always been fascinated with nature – I’m most at home when walking through the woods or messing about in the garden. Having moved away to a city, taken a full-time job and been caught in the trappings of a busy life, I, like most city-dwellers, have felt the disconnect from nature. Over the past 5 years, I’ve been pursuing this reconnection through gardening, returning to the fly fishing of my youth, and developing an increasing interest in Permaculture.

I’m passionate about discovering lost skills, or perhaps better described as old, simpler ways of doing things which, once common knowledge, are seldom known today.

As a Christian, I’m struck by the compatibility, and similarity of Permaculture principles and biblical teaching – many of the principles of Permaculture can be seen taught throughout the bible. I’m by no means an expert in Permaculture, or theology but I’ll be talking a little on this, and you can follow along on my journey and reconnection with nature.