Sometimes you don’t have an envelope to hand when you need to save seeds. You could use a jar, but they can take up a lot of space if you just have a small amount of seed.

It’s time to break out those origami skills and fold your own. If you’ve not tried anything like this before, don’t worry, it’s super easy – here’s how:


Stage 1

Cut yourself a square of paper, it can be any kind – I like to use scrap paper, often newspaper as it’s a wasted resource. Scale the packet according to the amount of seed you want to store, if it’s just a little then I find a 14cm x 14cm square works well.

Stage 2

Fold two opposite corners together to form a triangle.

Stage 3

With the crease facing towards you, fold the left point of the triangle across to touch the right diagonal edge, making sure that the line it makes across the middle is parallel to the first crease from stage 2.

Stage 4

Repeat for the right corner folding it to meet the left diagonal too. This is a bit tricky to describe but easy to understand from the photos.

Stage 5

Fold the top down to form the closing flap of the envelope.

Stage 6

You can now open the envelope, add your seed between the two layers of paper which make up the closing flap. Tuck the flap down into the top of the front triangle to seal the top. Don’t forget to first write the seed variety and the year harvested.

Once you get the hang of it you can whip these up really quickly, and they’re so easy you’ll never forget them. You’ll have free seed packets for life 🙂

It’s best to store your seeds in their new packets within an airtight container, kept in the cold and dark. This prevents them being exposed to the things which stimulate germination – warmth, light, and air.

Happy folding!